Your brand identity is more than just a logo ...

What we offer:

Brand Development

Logo & Identity Creation

Visual Asset Development

Naming / Product Concept

Motion Graphics 

Music Video Production

Illustration/ Infographics

UI / Screen design

Website Development


Exhibitions / Talks

Creative Workshops

Some of the other nice companies, brands and people Maurice has had the pleasure of working with over the years include: Audi, Atomic Ski, Belowzero, Bergamont Bikes, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Cannondale Bikes, Erinyen Bikes, Fizik Cycles, Gore-Tex, GQ Magazine, Jan Ullrich Racing Bikes, Ludwig Beck, Manitou, Pepe Jeans London, Powerbar Europe, Sigg, Siemens, Sony Music, Swissflex, T-Mobile, 20th Century Fox.