“We tend to advise against approaches where the task is produce a single isolated element, such as a logo, as it’s vital that an entire visual identity must be developed for best results.”

Maurice Redmond – Creative Director DSMR – Berlin

Led by Irish-born designer Maurice Redmond, who advocates a holistic approach of considering all facets of a project. Aiming to be simultaneously idealistic and pragmatic, whether designing a logo, developing a brand identity, creating imagery or building a website.

Located in Kreuzberg, Berlin, DSMR’s creativity thrives on challenging projects, stimulating collaborations and often just helping others out and the eclectic list of local and international clients in Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Copenhagen, London, Munich, New York, Portland and San Francisco, to name a few, in areas as diverse as technology, music, software, food, publishing, sport, finance and science reflects that.




Designers, animators, web developers!

We are always looking to broaden our freelance network so feel free to send your portfolio and details to talentpool@dsmr.berlin  or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Back Story
Before founding DSMR in 2010, Maurice working as senior creative in various agencies looking after some nice brands such as 
Audi, Atomic Ski, Belowzero, Bergamont Bikes, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Cannondale Bikes, Fizik Cycles, Gore-Tex, Gore Bike-Wear, Gore Run-Wear, GQ Magazine, Jan Ullrich, Ludwig Beck, Manitou, Pepe Jeans London, Powerbar Europe, Stabilo, Sigg, Siemens, Sony Music, Syntec Projects, Swissflex, T-Mobile and 20th Century Fox.
And before that, he foiun
Think hard. Design Easy.