“We tend to advise against approaches where the task is produce a single isolated element, such as a logo, as it’s vital that the entire visual identity should be considered.”


Led by Irish born creative director Maurice Redmond, who’s methodic, hands-on approach to every project is as pragmatic as it is idealistic. Maurice‘s 20+ years of professional experience spans logo creation and identity development, advertising, product  finishing and editorial design.

Advocating a holistic process that takes into account all facets of any given project, whether a thriving local business, a growing startup or established company looking to re-brand.

Located in Berlin, Germany, the studio‘s creativity thrives on challenging projects, stimulating collaborations in areas as diverse as technology, music, software, food, publishing, sport, finance and science for clients in Berlin, Brussels, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Munich, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco and Zurich to name just
a few.


Student Internships / EU Erasmus Entrepreneurs:

If you are currently studying design or are already graduated and would like the opportunity to live and work in Berlin for up to six months get in touch with us through our contact form.

Talent Pool Submissions:
We are always looking to broaden our freelance network so feel free to send your portfolio and details to studio@dsmr.berlin 



Think hard. Design Easy.